International Photo Contest 2016: “Youth click on volunteering”


  Young people and the world of volunteering: a resource for society and for themselves. European Voluntary Service, solidarity workcamps, long term volunteering programs, awareness campaigns, sensitization meetings in schools, events: all these experiences offer opportunities for knowledge, growth and comparison to build equitable and inclusive societies; opportunities to meet and discover people, worlds and cultures; occasions to capture the most beautiful and intense moments with a photography.

   The photography offers indeed the opportunity to capture the fragments of an adventure, that of youth volunteering in the European Union. The photography remains, it’s an individual point of view that can be shared with others. The picture speaks a thousand words.
Association Lumea lui Pinocchio, in collaboration with a network of 16 European organizations active in the youth field, proposes the first international photo contest for young volunteers, who spent a few weeks, several months or a year of their life together and for others.
“Youth click on volunteering”, through the photos of young volunteers, aims to give visibility to their point of view on the world of volunteering and solidarity, beyond borders, nations, languages and cultures .
What is important is that the photography, especially if it has to do with social life and people in need, knows where to set limits before invading human rights and their dignity.

Competition rules
Requirements for participation: the contest is open for all the volunteers of the following european associations:
– ESTYES (Estonia)
– GRENZENLOS (Austria)
– Association des Compagnons Bâtisseurs asbl (Belgium)
– IJGD (Germany)
– COCAT (Spain)
– UNA Exchange (United Kingdom)
– Rota Jovem (Portugal)
– Associazione Bambini in Romania (Italy)
– Educatori Senza Frontiere (Italy)
– Bulgarian Youth Forum (Bulgaria)
– No idejas līdz attīstībai (Latvia)
– Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży (Poland)
– Young Leaders CZ (Czech Republic)
– Youth Europe Association (Lithuania)
– Aktív Európai Fiatalokért Egyesület (Hungary)
– Stowarzyszenie “ZYJ KOLOROWO!” (Poland)

The volunteers can be :

  • Participants in a solidarity work camp in 2016;
  • Participants in a European Voluntary Service project in 2016;
  • Participants in a Civil Service project or in other long-term programs in 2016;
  • Participants in public campaigns and awareness events on active citizenship in 2016.


  The participation is completely free. The pictures, in the maximum number of 3 per participant, must be proposed in digital format via e-mail at The participant must specify the following information: full name, address, phone, e-mail, organization. Each author is personally responsible for the subject of the work presented. For the proposed work, the participant grants Asociatia Lumea lui Pinocchio and its partners a license for complete use, non-exclusive, irrevocable and indefinite.

Photo characteristics

    Colored, black and white pictures are accepted, made both in interior/exterior. Photo montages are not allowed. Picture with superimposed writings or other additions are not allowed.


   The photos will be inspired by at least one of the following themes :
– youth and volunteering;
– volunteers at „work” ;
– solidarity in 2016 ;
– curiosity beyond the borders.

Sending deadline

   The photos must be sent before 26.09.2016.


   The winning works will be nominated in the final judgment, the jury consisting of representatives of Asociatia Lumea lui Pinocchio and partners.


   First 3 pictures will be awarded with a surprise prize!

All results and news will be published on the site All winners will receive direct communication.


   Top-10 photos will be published on the website and on the association profiles on different social networks. They can be used for events and other sensitization events (exhibitions, catalogues, flyers, etc).

Acceptance Rules: Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of these rules.


The present Photo Contest is realized with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. These regulations reflect only Asociatia Lumea lui Pinocchio’s view; the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and the European Commission are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained above.

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