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IBO Italy, the Italian Association of Builders is an Italian NGO operating in decentralized cooperation projects in different areas of the world (India, Africa, South America and Central Europe). It has been present in Panciu since 1998 initially through work camps and solidarity with the reconstruction of parts of the local orphanage and then since 2001 it has accompanied the birth and growth of Rom Pentru Rom. In addition to offering economic and planning support, it sends volunteers annually for short-term experiences during the summer and long-term experiences through the Italian national voluntary civil service. Partner in several projects including “Net Ink – Networking for Inclusion“,Emilia Romagna: dialogue between territories, European Youth Exchange 2007 and 2008,The music has startedand not leastEducation makes the difference. IBO Italia has contributed over the years to the construction of 11 houses for Roma families in the Panciu community. It organizes promotional, awareness-raising and fundraising and material initiatives on the Italian territory for the project carried out in Romania.

Provincial ACLI of Lodi

The ACLI, Italian Christian Workers’ Associations, are an association of lay Christians who, through a network of clubs, services, businesses, projects and specific associations, have been contributing for more than 60 years to weaving the bonds of society, promoting forms of participation and of democracy. The link with Panciu was born in 2007 through the figure of Pierangelo Pagani, ACLI activist who died. The Romania project is named in his memory and a series of initiatives in support of the project are organized in the Lodi area and in Casalpusterlengo. In addition to offering an annual financial support to the project, with a declared commitment up to 2012, ACLI organizes annuallywork campsand construction at the project facilities, at the “Pinochio” Educational Center and at the Casa dei Volontari. The common goal is to accompany Rom Pentru Rom towards local autonomy and sustainability to be achieved through the growth of the association in educational and professional terms. ACLI has made possible the regularization of key figures within Rom Pentru Rom by moving towards an ethical concept of regularized work to support the development of the local employment reality and thus discouraging migratory phenomena towards other countries.

IBO Local Group Italy Casalpusterlengo/Codogno

Historical local group for the partner IBO Italia. Active in the promotion of the project linked to the figure of Pierangelo Pagani, former IBO president, the local group made up of people loyal to the project is linked to the ACLI partner active in the same area. Together they carry out awareness-raising activities in the area, fundraising and participation in work and solidarity camps at the Panciu facilities. A particular commitment is given by the Pagani family who have supported the Romania project from the outset.

Emilia Romagna region

The Emilia Romagna Region (Italy) is very active in decentralized cooperation projects in various areas of the world and has supported Rom Pentru Rom through various training projects. Among the training projects, we recall the signing of a protocol of understanding Dialogo fra Territori in 2004 between the authorities of Panciu and the authorities present in Emilia Romagna which led to the writing and implementation of the project “To make a tree you need bread” for training in carpentry and computer science for young people and women belonging to disadvantaged groups of the local population of Panciu. A second project of 2005 took the name of “Net Ink – Networking for Inclusion” which gave the Rom Pentru Rom staff the possibility to carry out study visits in Bulgaria, Denmark and Italy and which led to the organization by Rom Pentru Rom of a training seminar in 2006 in Focsani with the subject of deinstitutionalized minors. The link with this Italian region remains strong thanks to an open operating table on planning for the Eastern European Zone.

Province of Bologna

Italian territorial body linked to Rom Pentru Rom by a partnership and co-planning including the training project “To make a tree you need bread”, “Net Ink” and the contribution disbursed in 2004 for the purchase of the current Educational Center “Pinochio”.

Province of Ferrara

Italian territorial body linked to Panciu by co-planning including the training project“To do unotree needs bread”, “Net Ink” and the grant disbursed in 2004 for the purchase of the current “Pinochio” Educational Centre.

Municipality of Ferrara

Italian territorial body linked to Rom Pentru Rom by a partnership and co-projects including the training project “To make a tree you need bread”, “Net Ink” and the contribution disbursed in 2004 for the purchase of the current Educational Center “Pinochio”. Thanks to the close collaboration with the partner IBO Italia present in the Ferrara area, the Municipality of Ferrara appears to be very receptive to the promotion and awareness-raising activities of the project carried out in Panciu.

Virtute Animati Romaniae Oblationes Mittimus (VAROM)

Non-profit organization from Riva Del Garda (TN), Italy, for years it has been involved in collecting subsistence material on the Italian territory to be sent to social projects in Romania. Through the invaluable work of volunteers who collect and load trucks bound for Romania, VAROM supports the Panciu project with annual shipments of teaching materials, furniture, food and construction materials.


Foundation that supports the activities carried out in Romania by Parada Romania. It is a partner with IBO Italia for the organization of awareness-raising activities on the Italian territory through banquets on the social problems present in Romania.


Romanian foundation active in the promotion of social inclusion initiatives for street children in Bucharest through theater and juggling. Partner of Rom Pentru Rom in some activities on the Romanian territory Parada Romania welcomed the young people of the “Pinochio” Educational Center to its facilities in Bucharest for laboratory activities in the field of theater and juggling. It also sent young people to Panciu for circus entertainment and juggling during shows promoted in the Panciu area by Rom Pentru Rom.

Vrancea County

Territorially competent Romanian region for Panciu. Territorial body, like the Italian regions, supports and finances the activities of the “Pinochio” Educational Center through a partnership and a project entitled“Education Face Different”(Education makes the difference). Other social intervention projects have seen the co-planning and joint management of the operational phases on the local territory in partnership with Rom Pentru Rom.

Protection of Minors Vrancea

The regional department for the protection of minors has always offered its availability and expertise for joint actions and planning on the territory of Panciu and Vrancea. Active partner in projects “Net Ink”, “Bread is needed to make a tree”, “Educatia face diferenta”, the Protection of Minors offered its consultancy in the transfer of a child with AIDS from Focsani (Vrancea) to Catania in Italy for a series treatment and rehabilitation at a Pope John XXIII community.

Superintendency of Education of the Vrancea County

County Board of Education. The partnership with this institution started during the “Education makes a difference” project. At present the collaboration continues for the presentation of other projects concerning both education (“I too am a child like you”) and the training of educational and mediation personnel. Together with the Provveditorato agli Studi, Rom pentru Rom is also organizing a series of awareness-raising activities on social issues such as education for peace and social inclusion.

Town of Panciu

Local territorial authority partner in various projects includingThey too deserve better living conditionswhich led in 2004 to the construction of the sewage system in the Roma community of Panciu. Through partnerships, it supports the activities of the “Pinochio” Educational Center in the municipal area and offers, on the occasion of excursions, means of transport owned by the municipality, performance spaces such as the Casa di Cultura and other places of accommodation for volunteers from abroad.

“Ioan Slavici” high school in Panciu

Local high school of Panciu active in the promotion of volunteering and environmental protection through a project in partnership with Rom Pentru Rom entitled “Eco School”. The collaboration with Rom Pentru Rom takes place under different forms of reciprocal participation in the activities of the two institutions. It is an active partner in the “Educatia face diferenta” project and participates through its students in European youth exchanges to promote volunteering. Two teachers carry out voluntary work at the Pinochio Center.

School of Arts and Crafts of Panciu

Middle school of Panciu partner in the project “Educatia face diferenta” supports the project through the constant participation of the students in the activities of the “Pinochio” Educational Center. It also offers a portion of the excess snack every day from the school canteen to the “Pinochio” Educational Center. A teacher and a psychologist from the School volunteer their time for the literacy activities carried out at the “Pinochio” Educational Center.


Finally, we want to thank other supporters, without whom we could do little now, that is, all the people who have shared the journey of Rom pentru Rom with us. Infinite thanks to:

Francesca Dimallio, the mother of the project, without whom none of this would have been possible, Daniele, Viorica, Costel, Catalin, Daniel, Dobrin, Luminita Liciu, Zamfir Antoneta, Cornici Costel, Doamna Alexiu, Valter l’Alpino, Giuseppe, Clara, Manuela, Giacomo, Federica, Massimo, Letizia and her grandmother, Sonia, the COMI Group, all the guys from Action 1, Marian Van Der Eijk, Henk Smit, all the summer camp volunteers, Adina, Delia, the Pagani family, Pierluigi, Tricotton (Panciu), Gina, Renzo, Angelo, Manuela, Dino, Stefano, Paolo, David, Davide, Giuseppe, Gino, Andreina, Nino, Abele, Vincenzo, Andrea, Pavel Veronica, Veronica Zavoianu, Lucica Stanescu, Sava Dumitru (aka Mitruz the blacksmith), Barbara of Calderara Calcio,Francesco di Calderara Calcio who will always remain in our hearts for all he did for our little footballers….

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