Redirect 2%

Redirect the 2% for the “Pinocchio’s World” Association
Based on the Romanian financial law 521/2003, it is possible to donate 2% of the transfers to support educational projects designed by Roma for Roma, without additional costs. To be able to contribute in this way:

  • mark with an “X” the box intended for “Support of a non-profit entity/cult units” (in declaration form 230; points A and B if you have income from self-employment or in declaration form 200, point III if you have income through other means ;
  • write “Roma for Roma” in the box “Name of non-profit entity”;
  • write the fiscal code of the association “Pinocchio’s World”: 14360867;
  • write the IBAN code: RO77 RZBR 0000 06000 2038 335.
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