Monica – Finding a place in Panciu

 The EVS project “EU Volunteers to learn” is almost at the end of its 2 years of implementation. Asociatia Lumea lui Pinocchio, coordinating and hosting organization, had the pleasure to host and meet volunteers from Spain, Austria and Germany. One of them, Monica Espigares Diaz (Spain), spent the period September – October 2017 at the Centre Pinocchio…here you are an abstract of her witness about this enriching experience!

“When finallly destination was Panciu, a lot of people asked me the same question: “What have you lost there?” In that moment I didn’t know the answer, but I even didn’t know how big my answer was going to be two months later.

Certainly I had not missed anything there. If you search in places, you probably don’t end up finding anything. The destination is within yourself, although, as in my case, there are places with people where you can see more clearly your own knowledge.

The daily difficulties, the observation and the ability to appreciate the small things, together, with the children, showed me what I had lost in Panciu. That little place and its people helped me to contemplate a great wealth. Above all I found it in the children of Lumea lui Pinocchio, in their very wonderful smiles, their warm hugs, their desire to laugh, play and feel, their intense desire to live. And even without losing anything, I found myself in front of them. They charged me with a lot of strength, they were the reason for my stay there. They taught me courage, hope, respect, different points of view and the broadest and simplest sense of how to feel happy. Everything was in the small things. Thanks for making everything an adventure and to give me the chance to see the special and wonderful Romania. I have fallen in love with it.

Thanks little children of Panciu, for accepting me on your way and for teaching me that everything is possible. Thanks, I miss you!”

Monica Espigares Diaz

The project “EU Volunteers to learn” (ref. nr. 2016-1-RO01-KA105-024178) is financed by the European programme ERASMUS+, and sees the collaboration of Asociatia Lumea lui Pinocchio with its Spanish partner COCAT.

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