Project vulneABILITY: from challenges to opportunities” has started!

We are very happy to announce that the project “vulneABILITY: from challenges to opportunities” has started!

This ambitious project is taking place in our community, in Panciu (Vrancea County), and has a duration of 18 months.

It was created to meet the need to work for the social inclusion of minors, young people and Roma families in the city of Panciu; the community represents 10% of the local population and lives in conditions of extreme poverty and marginalization. These conditions were greatly aggravated by the COVID-19 health emergency, which also became a social and economic emergency.

Through this project we aim to:

1. Increase the capacities of 48 disadvantaged minors (3-16 years old), from Panciu in terms of resilience and digitalization.

2. Promote awareness and information actions for 150 vulnerable children, families and young people or belonging to the Roma minority in Panciu regarding health issues, prevention, training opportunities and access to the world of work.

3. Promote multicultural dialogue through cultural and training proposals in Panciu, open to the local Roma community, young people, representatives of local institutions and the general public.

The project aims to implement the following actions:

1. Resilience and digitalisation: improving daily socio-educational services at Pinocchio Center, to ensure the support of 48 disadvantaged children in terms of access to education to the the challenges of distance learning and the general use of technology.

2. Awareness campaign for children, young people and vulnerable families focused on, on the one hand on prevention, hygiene and health, on the other hand, on promoting training opportunities for young people and improving employability, for easier access to the world of work.

3. Initiatives to promote multicultural dialogue and Roma culture, through workshops in schools and a theater show.

4. Training course for an inclusive and community school addressed to the representatives of the socio-educational sector.

The project team includes the following people, motivated and determined to complete all the proposed activities:

  1. Matache Mihai- project manager and social worker.

Mihai has a degree in Psychology and Social Work and is full of ideas and eager to help the team at every step.

  1. Oana Soare- educator;

Oana tells us about her the following: I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and I am working as a kindergarten teacher for 10 years. My role in this project is to meet and prevent the difficulties faced by disadvantaged minors in their educational path. The objectives I set out in the project are: improving socio-educational services, promoting intercultural dialogue and Roma culture in the local community in Panciu.


  1. Larisa Bejan- social educator;

I am adapting very quickly to new teams, I like teamwork and I always give everything I can to achieve my goals. In this project I am involved in the activities of the Awareness and Information Campaign for young people and vulnerable families and in the activities of improving daily socio-educational services at Pinocchio Center.

  1. Vasile Alina – accountant

I am sociable, always with a smile on my face, I adapt easily and I have confidence in my own strengths. In my daily work I am guided by the desire to overcome and openness to the new. In my free time I am passionate about travel and classical music.

  1. Raluca Mareș- communication coordinator

Lumea lui Pinocchio entered into my soul from the first moment. Soon I joined the team as a communication coordinator. I graduated from the university studies at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work in Bucharest and high school studies with the specialization educator-teacher at the Pedagogical High School in Constanța. In my free time, in summer, I am a traveler, in winter and the rest of the time I enjoy the mountains and nature in all its forms.


  1. Carmen Moreno- volunteer

I love doing activities outdoors and in the countryside. I defend the values of respect and empathy as the way to a more just society. My role in the project is the daily work in the social centre with the kids, helping with homework and carrying out non-formal activities. My objective in this project is to educate the children in values and create awarness of solidarity both inside and outside of the centre.

Stay close to us. Will come months full of wonderful activities!

The project is implemented by Lumea lui Pinocchio Association and benefits from a 50.000 euros grant from Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants Grants 2014 -2021. The content of this material does not necessarily reflect the official position of the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021; for more information visit More details about Active Citizens Fund Romania are available at”

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