Thanina – My EVS experience in Panciu, Romania

The EVS project “EU Volunteers to learn” is almost at the end of its 2 years of implementation. Asociatia Lumea lui Pinocchio, coordinating and hosting organization, had the pleasure to host and meet volunteers from Spain, Austria and Germany. One of them, Thanina Chikhoune (Austria), spent the period October – November 2017 at the Centre Pinocchio…here you are her witness about this enriching experience!

“I started my experience at Lumea lui Pinocchio in the beginning of October. I arrived in Panciu on a rainy Saturday full of expectations, energy and ideas.

The change from my hometown, Vienna, to Panciu was drastic. I had never lived in such a small city before, in a house where, in order to have a warm shower you have to make a fire beforehand, with people I had never met before. Together with the other Volunteers I shared the house with, we had to adapt quickly. Day by day we got to know each other better and became a team.
We worked together to give means to the reason as to why we had come to Panciu; be there for children who do not have the same opportunities we had. We helped giving out breakfast to them, preparing lunch and a various amount of activities for them and most importantly, we gave them a countless amount of hugs.
The way they were thankful for our affection and attention shows how much they lack these important things in their life.

Even though the beginning of this project was quite hard for me, I am happy that I was a part of this project, as I had the chance to not only learn a lot about myself but also about these children and their backgrounds. It has been a great pleasure to give my time and energy to these children and make the days we spent together worthwhile”.

Thanina Chikhoune

(in the picture: Thanina, the local staff and 2 Spanish EVS Volunteers)

The project “EU Volunteers to learn” (ref. nr. 2016-1-RO01-KA105-024178) is financed by the European programme ERASMUS+, and sees the collaboration of Asociatia Lumea lui Pinocchio with its Austrian partner GRENZENLOS.

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